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Basic Human Tracking

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June 24 - June 26, 2024   |   Academy - 1595 Bonham Rd. Bristol, VA 24201

The Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy will be conducting a Basic Human Tracking School from June 24-26, 2024. This school will be taught by experienced tracking instructors from the Dept. of Wildlife Resources tracking cadre.

Course Topics:
This class will focus on the basic understanding of human tracking operations to include:
• Learn and demonstrate the ability to use important tracking terminology and
• Identify the dynamics of a human track
• Identify the differences between human and animal sign
• Identify basic tracking indicators
• Maximize available light sources and tracking tools
• Observe and record changes in tracks and sign over time
• Utilize intelligence-gathering
• Demonstrate basic communication by hand signals
• Utilize lost spoor procedures
• Understand tracking team formations and roles
• Plan operations for tracking missing persons, fugitives, and evidence

Required Equipment:
All normal tactical equipment including:
• BDU (or other similar tactical uniform)
• Small backpack and any personal items needed for full days in the field
• Food and water (Lunches will be working lunches in the field.)
• Eye protection
• Hat with a brim
• Sunscreen and bug repellant
• Weather-related clothing items
• Handheld flashlight w/ variable brightness settings
• Small field notebook and writing utensil
• Optional equipment- Binoculars/monocular, small tape measure, handheld GPS unit,
laser pointer, and camera (cell phone)

If you have any questions regarding the required equipment, contact DWR Senior
Officer Gardner 276-608-2870.

Physical Fitness Requirements
• Majority of course will be conducted in a woodland environment with moderate
physical activity.
• Students must be able to operate (hike, crawl, hide) in woodland environment with
limited scheduled breaks for duration of field training.

Additional Information:
This course is intended for officers who are currently assigned to patrol, investigation, and
tactical units within their respective agencies. Visual tracking applications in various
mediums will strongly enhance an officer’s skills in investigations, locating fugitives and lost
persons, locating evidence, tactical operations, and provide awareness skills that will
enhance officer safety.

• The training will be conducted at various training sites within Bristol City and
Washington County.

Training Fee: Free for member agencies / $300 per officer for non-members

Course Registration: Member agencies register through TRACER

Monday June 24th – 9am – 6pm
Tuesday June 25th – 1pm – 8pm
Wednesday June 26th – 9am – 6pm

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