The Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy offers qualified candidates the opportunity to attend Basic Law Enforcement Training for those who are not currently employed with a law enforcement agency. The Pre-employment Training Program is an opportunity for candidates to pay their way through the training program.

Acceptance is contingent upon available openings, psychological test results, a criminal history check, a good driving record, and a background investigation. If accepted, tuition/fees are due by the first day of training.

Admission Requirements

• Must be able to be a credible witness in court
• No Felony convictions
• No convictions for Domestic Assault
• No convictions of DUI or DWI-related offenses
• No convictions of crimes of moral turpitude

• Must be 21 years of age
• U.S. citizen
• Possess a valid operator’s license
• High School Diploma or G.E.D.
• Pass a physical examination by a licensed physician

Qualified candidates are invited to attend the academy but are responsible for payment of tuition fees and other administrative costs associated with their training. The costs include:

Anticipated Application Expenses
Tuition $5,000.00
Psychological Testing $175.00
Aptitude Test $20.00
Fingerprint Verification $ 20.00
DMV Driving Record (Set by DMV) $ – -.- –
Physical and Drug Screen (Set by Provider) $ – -.- –
Minimum Estimate Total$5,215.00

For more information regarding the pre-employment program contact:
Tony Sullivan (276)-645-3700 or via email: