Peer-Supported Critical Incident Stress Management

Peer Support

Peer Support Professional Pamphlet

Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy

May 16th – 18th  2022

Peer-Supported Critical Incident Stress Management

The Southwest Criminal Justice Training Academy will be hosting a Peer-Supported Critical Incident Stress Management training in May. I had two employees attend this training last year and it has made a huge difference in our agency when it comes to stress management. These two employees have worked on fundraisers for day trips away from the office, has been able to get a chiropractor to volunteer his services for employees each month, and they are working on several more mental and physical health programs for all of our dispatchers, deputies, and civilian employees. They are also prepared to help with anyone on a one on one basis for any critical incident need someone has.

I would highly recommend having someone attend this training and bringing back these ideas to your agency.

Thank you,

Sheriff Hieatt

Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office

More Info:

Law enforcement professionals are exposed to considerable daily stress and frequent critical incidents that can result in significant health issues. Critical incidents are events that are outside the normal human experience and may include shootings, severe injury, child deaths, suicides, civil unrest and others. Post-traumatic stress in law enforcement officers who respond to such incidents may often be a by-product of these events.

Law enforcement Peer Support is recognized as an effective approach to provide assistance to officers to help them address the stress and challenges of their profession. Peer Support can provide more awareness training to officers, improve access to and increase the effectiveness of existing resources, and help officers overcome their reluctance to seek help. To be effective, Peer Support should make participants feel that they are free to share their experiences and struggles among an accepting and supportive audience.


May 16 - 18 2022


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


1595 Bonham Rd. Bristol, VA 24201


Darrell Dickenson

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