Fentanyl Safety for Law Enforcement

The increase of prescription drugs has led to the drastic proliferation of heroin abuse in our society and the emergence of fentanyl analogues. This tuition-free, 8-hour Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training course will provide students with an understanding of factors that influence the use and abuse of heroin and fentanyl. Starting with the history of opium, participants will explore the evolution of opium and opiates leading to fentanyl and the impact on law enforcement investigations and the communities they serve. The course will discuss safe handling of substances, precautions when encountering those who abuse opiates and opioids, and securing evidence.
Course topics include:
• History of Opium
• Heroin, Opiates, and Opioids
• Factors Leading to Abuse
• Substances Used in Conjunction with Opioids Opiates
• Methods of Drug Ingestion
• Fentanyl
• Drug Interactions with the Body
• Naloxone
• Signs of Opiate/Opioid Use
• Long Term Effects on the Body
• Dangers of Drug Substance
• Officer Safety

Career Development hours will be given to all attendees.

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Flyer for Fentanyl Safety #25332 Oct 14, 2022 Bristol, VA

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Oct 14 2022


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


1595 Bonham Rd. Bristol, VA 24201

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