Crisis Intervention Training

The Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy will be hosting a five-day, forty-hour (40) Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training from April 1 through April 5 2024. The course is open to current law enforcement officers, corrections officers, mental health professionals, health care professionals and other specialist’s integral to the recognition and treatment of mental illness.
– Learn from mental health professionals and experienced law enforcement officers from local agencies on how to recognize and deal with people experiencing mental health crises.
– Verbal de-escalation skills: CIT teaches skills for officer safety – the words, approach and body language that convince a person to get help or defuse a potentially violent encounter.
– Familiarity with community resources: Site visits to community locations that offer help and assistance to those experiencing mental health crises.
– Scenario-based training on responding to crises. With the help of trained experienced officers and mental health workers, students practice their skills in common crisis situations, and get immediate feedback from instructors and classmates.
– And much more
Training Fee: Free to law enforcement/corrections agencies as well as local mental health and health care agencies.
In-service- 34 hours of career development
4 hours of legal
2 hours of cultural diversity
40 hours total
Course taught by members of Highlands Crisis Intervention Team as well as multiple community partners.
Course Registration: Complete academy registration form and forward to academy.

CIT Course Announcement April 2024

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Apr 01 - 05 2024


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




1595 Bonham Rd. Bristol, VA 24201

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