2-Day Pistol VCQB Training

VCQB 2-Day Pistol August 2021

Course Description

Vehicle CQB is an accelerated shooting class focused on positional shooting, fighting in and around vehicles. Students will learn cover and concealment options on various vehicle models. Various drills ran will incorporate critical weapon employment while engaging threats in, around, from, over and under vehicles. This training will be instructed by Academy Staff and Agency instructors certified by Centrifuge Training, LLC.

 Equipment Required

  • Handgun with at least 3 magazines (5 if single stack) and magazine pouch.
  • Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed).  Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the holster in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions.
  • 800 rounds handgun
  • Tourniquet on your person is mandatory an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is recommended.
  • Cleaning kit and gun lube.
  • Eye protection and electronic ear protection.
  • Long sleeve shirt, gloves, knee pads are mandatory.  Elbow pads and shemagh (face wrap) are optional.
  • Full duty belt / tactical loadout (your normal work setup).
  • Notepad, pen and perm marker.
  • Water and snacks.
  • Simunition’s will be used for force-on-force drill, students may bring their own equipment to use.

Class is limited on seats.

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Aug 25 - 26 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


330 Bonham Rd. Bristol, VA 24201

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